Marriage, pre-marriage, and couples counseling are special forms of relationship counseling. They involve both parties being actively involved in a process of growth, healing, and developing a healthy relationship. 

Why Should We Do Marriage Counseling?

  • To have a better future together
  • To better understand yourself, your partner, and your relationship
  • To improve your mutual satisfaction, connection and intimacy       
  • To learn how to be a better partner
  • To move out of habitual problems and patterns that keep your relationship stuck
  • To develop a process of change that moves you forward    

How Do We Know If We Need It?

  • You have concerns you don’t know how to address
  • Your efforts to solve things don’t last
  • You can’t get through to each other
  • Conflict and arguments are getting worse
  • You have had a breach of trust
  • You don’t know how to restore the love you once shared

What Does It Involve?

  • You discover the key patterns in your relationship
  • You set personal and relationship goals to work on 
  • You develop mutual responsibility and understanding
  • You learn how to solve conflict
  • You distinguish what you need to change from what you need to accept

How Long Does it Take?

  • Length of treatment varies with the number and complexity of the problems you need to address
  • Education and skill training can reduce the cost and number of sessions
  • Six months of intense work is common
  • Fees are discussed when you Contact Us

Who Should We Go To?

  • A marriage friendly therapist. Read more about this at
  • A counselor who is specifically trained in couple and marriage counseling
  • A counselor who does a lot of couple therapy
  • A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • A counselor who has a good track record and reputation as a marriage counselor
  • See our tips on choosing a marriage counselor for more information.

We can help. Contact us for your private complimentary initial consultation.

What About Pre-marriage Counseling?

  • Pre-marriage counseling is best done early in the process
  • Both parties take a computer scored written inventory, and results are reviewed with a counselor trained in this kind of counseling
  • Strengths are affirmed and growth areas are discussed
  • Specific help is provided in areas of need
  • Counseling and skill training is an excellent combination for most couples
  • Most couples need 6 or more sessions, depending on their needs

Combine Marriage and Pre-marriage Counseling with Skill Training

Couple and family counseling usually include informal relationship education and skill training, but you pay far more for private tutoring by a counselor than you would for a workshop. More than that, there are many advantages to small group education. The content is organized systematically and presented with teaching methods that are known to work. Many supplemental materials (workbooks, handouts, video clips, exercises, online resources) are made available to help you. You learn from others who are wrestling with the same issues, while still getting personalized help and feedback. Workshops are done in a safe, confidential environment when you are not in the midst of stressful issues. Workshops speed up the counseling process, move you through painful issues more quickly, and reduce the cost and number of counseling sessions needed. We provide integrated counseling and education services that are available in bundled packages to give you the lowest possible rates for both. You get the best of both worlds in the most efficient way possible.

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