Discernment Counseling

For couples where one is leaning in and one is leaning out of the marriage. Discernment counseling is not marriage counseling, and neither are pressured in any direction. Guided through a decision-making process, the couple choose the path they want for their future in order to feel clear, confident, and have no regrets. Read more >

Marriage Counseling

Couple and marriage counseling is for people who are married, engaged, co-habiting, or even divorced. Relationship counseling methods are used to help couples at all stages of relationship improve their interaction with one another. Read more >

Family Counseling

For parents, step-parents, parent/child, families, step-families, adult siblings, grandparents, in-laws, intergenerational families, and others. We are relationship therapists who can help you with many issues, including addiction, trauma, and many mental health issues. Read more >

Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral counseling is the integration of your values, beliefs and faith into the counseling process. It is a process of helping you address your counseling needs in light of what is most important and meaningful to you. Read more >