Relationship Intelligence is

  • Understanding what a healthy relationship is
  • Recognizing potential problem areas
  • Learning what works and letting go of what doesn't
  • Developing the right attitudes and skills to solve conflicts
  • Making good relationship decisions
  • Working toward your vision
  • Reaping the rewards of loving, committed relationships
  • Passing these blessings forward to others

It takes a combination of knowledge, skills, disciplined behavior, positive attitudes, good values, and solid decision-making to fulfill our needs for love and connection. You can develop these life skills.

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All of our IQ tests are based on research evidence and the knowledge of relationship scholars. Check out our tips in the middle column to read about the findings and principles behind our IQ tests.

Relationship Counseling


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Marriage Counseling
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Family Counseling
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Pastoral Counseling
Pastoral counseling integrates your beliefs and spirituality with relationship and mental health. 
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